Optimizing Your Check In Process

Simplify The Check-In Process

As all hoteliers know, first impression is of high concern when it comes to your guest being greeted as they walk through the doors of your hotel. This initial greeting creates a foundation of trust and helps your guest feel confident in their hotel choice. There are several factors to consider when evaluating your current check-in process.

Front Desk Staff

Your front desk is one of the highest traffic areas on property and where most of the staff/guest interactions will occur. While some hotels are filling their lobbies with mobile check in kiosks, it’s important to remember that guests prefer personable interactions and warm welcomes when first arriving at the property. Using a self-service kiosk to assist in the check-in and check-out process shouldn’t be entirely ruled out. They come in handy when the front desk is overly busy. A simple warm welcome to the property and offering the option to use the kiosk while your front desk personal finishes with their current guests could greatly decrease frustrations with wait time.


The timing of an upsell is crucial – Offering upgrades at check-in can come across as a sales pitch and creates tedious work resulting in longer wait times. To avoid guest frustration, it’s best to offer upgrades during the pre-arrival stage. Room upgrades and in-room extras should be offered during the initial reservation process with corresponding offers as their stay approaches. Reaching out to your guests as their stay approaches not only ensures a smooth transition during check in, it makes their stay more personable. This improves guest satisfaction and better prepares your staff to the preferences of each guest.

Advanced Property Management Systems

PMS upgrades account for some of the largest portion of budget for hotel technology investments, and for good reason. Hoteliers can manage routine tasks with next generational PMS capabilities. The quality of your hotel organization, front desk management, housekeeping, guest check-in and check-out, reservation and rate management all lies within your PMS system; it’s the core of your day to day operations. Investing in the right tech will help your front desk staff, and all other employees, excel at their jobs and ensure a hotel that runs seamlessly.