About Us

We believe our values, personal relationships and solid track record enables us to grow and develop your company and ours.


INSPIRE is to fill us with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

At In-Group, we inspire each other every day. This is done as we work to become better & motivate each other to grow and improve along the way. We take accountability for our results and we express gratitude for the ensuing inspiration. In-Group team members seek opportunities for feedback and learning.


RESPECT conveys a sense of admiration and we openly admire each other.

At In-Group, we recognize and honor each other for who we are. It is the process of honoring someone by listening to them and learning about their interests. Each person deserves to feel comfortable and important at work, and we make it happen.


DILIGENCE is thoroughness, completeness, and persistence of our actions.

At In-Group, we set ourselves apart with effort and engaged service. We work hard every day and our customers and stakeholders recognize us for this. We also encourage all to diligently pursue personal interests and live fruitful balanced lives.

Our Team

Graydon Pearson

Chief Executive Officer

Carter Frank

Chief Operating Officer

Jake McClellan

Chief Financial Officer

Adam McInelly

Corporate Marketing Director

D. Shane Williams

Corporate Revenue Manager

Jennifer Templeton

Corporate Director of Sales

Chad Marsing

Sr. Regional Director of Sales

Jenn Pearson, SHRM-CP

Director of Human Resources

Joe Madera

Regional Director of Operations

Our Brands

We offer steady, planned growth and strategic partnerships. We deliver tremendous value to our guests while bringing top notch management solutions to hotel owners.

Hospitality Is Our History

Our passion for hospitality began with the Provo, Utah TraveLodge in 1959. Motor Lodges changed the way America traveled and our management company became a leader in the industry.

In the 70’s and 80’s, we grew with Hilton Hotels and other full service properties including Downtown SLC redevelopment and new airport developments.

In the 1990’s, our company’s attention shifted into select service hotels, where today, we manage efficient properties that operate at the top of their brands while competing for market share.

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Revenue Management

In-Group Hospitality maintains an extensive library of best practices, analytical tools, and systems, fused by standardized procedures that contribute to the development of sound strategy decisions.  Some of these industry leading tools include:
•    Centralized Revenue Management reporting for easy access to all historical data, trends, market conditions and public image
•    Weekly or bi-weekly in-depth strategy sessions  including competitive review, along with sales strategy support
•    Value Assessment  to assist in evaluating our competition’s strengths and capitalizing on opportunities
•    Displacement Analysis and Profitability Assessments
•    Daily, review and recommendations to ensure short term optimization
•    Annual Budgeting and Forecasting


We strive to exceed our guests’ expectations by:
•    Adhering to or exceeding brand Quality, Service and Safety standards for multiple brands
•    Providing exceptional Training and Support to our valued associates
•    Focusing on Efficiency and Productivity in yielding effective results
•    Ensuring optimum resource utilization to achieve or exceed pre-defined Gross Operating Margins
•    Engaging with property operations through daily summary review, weekly operations review, monthly profit and lass reviews, and quarterly property visits
•    Formulation and implementation of annual budgets

Accounting & Finance

Our goal is to deliver timely and accurate financial information to our investors and management teams:

•    Delivering investors with a return on their valuable hotel investment.
•    Offering adequate training and support to all levels of management.
•    Supporting management with key financial information and metrics that can be readily used in improve a hotel’s performance.
•    Ensuring all required tax, legal and insurance information are also filed timely and accurately.
•    Preparing special reports and recommendations as needed.
•    Monitoring and protecting the assets of each business unit by incorporating appropriate audit and reconciliation measures.
•    Providing each business unit with advanced cloud based secure processing of all accounting transactions for each hotel.

Corporate Sales & Marketing

We are dedicated to strategic leadership in:   

•    Sales staff recruitment
•    Sales reviews
•    Collateral development
•    Comprehensive sales and marketing plans
•    Advertising and public relations
•    Market trend analysis
•    In depth knowledge and supervision of major brands
•    Continued education via brand and industry sales training resources