4 ways to be an outstanding hotel general manager

Working as a hotel GM is a very important position. A successful general manager will help ensure the hotel is generating profits and running efficiently. Here are a few steps to consider to make your hotel run smoothly in peak seasons as well as when occupancy is low:

1 – Show appreciation to hotel employees

In any hotel, it is the employees who make an impression on the guests. Employees are the front face of the hotel from the front desk to the housekeeping staff. It’s very important to treat ALL of your hotel employees with the respect that they deserve. When you show appreciation to your employees, it can give them a sense of ownership for the hotel. When employees feel that they are part of a team and something bigger, they work harder to meet goals and thrive to reach business objectives.

2 – Be available everywhere and anytime for employees and guests

Being there for your employees outside of work hours is important. Make it a point to let your employees know that they can approach you at any time if they are facing problems or difficulty at work. Also, make it a point to mingle and interact with hotel guests. Find out more about them, their stay, and if they have any suggestions to improve their experience. When your employees see you with guests, it will prove to them that you are serious about guest satisfaction and making their stay memorable.

3 – Don’t give guests a chance to complain

Make a checklist for minor maintenance and ensure any problem identified is quickly fixed. Don’t give guests a chance to complain about simple things like finding the TV remote or having a burned out light in their room. There will obviously be times where things will slip through the cracks. There will may occasionally be a guest who didn’t like breakfast or didn’t like the view from their room. But, instead of getting worked up, these are great ways to improve and provide a better experience for your guests.

4 – Hire employees who believe in quality work and positive attitude

As mentioned in the beginning, your employees are the front face of the hotel. Therefore, you should hire employees with care. The hiring process is very important. Finding top talent will allow you and your hotel to provide the best service to guests and make it more enjoyable for other employees to work every day. Hiring employees who have a positive attitude and believe in quality service will go a long way. The people you hire at your hotel should take pride in what they do, regardless of the department they are in.